We're shutting down

On August 1st the Exploratory Engineering department will shut down as part of an internal restructuring process in Telenor Group.

What happens next?

We'll shut down most of our test services but not the NB-IoT service running at https://nbiot.engineering/. It will be kept running until end of September.

The documentation sites are static sites so we'll leave those up and running. The LoRa service at https://lora.engineering will be shut down in a few days, including the documentation site.

The web shop is already disabled and will be shut down in a few days. We're all out of development kits but you can buy nice nRF91 development kits from f.e. Digi-Key.

The various Slack channels will be kept as is - you might see a few of us there but not with a “telenordigital.com” email address for obvious reasons.

The GitHub repositories will be archived but still accessible and available.

The EE offices and labs have acquired quite a lot of cruft in the past years so we'll be quite busy cleaning out everything during the next two weeks.

Looking back

I guess now is a good time to look back at what we've been up to the last four years. Rather than make life complicated, let's just flip through some of the pictures we found in no particular order. The Gource animation shows (most) of the software we've been working on during the same period. Also, no event is complete without an eclectic Spotify playlist.

Good luck on your next IoT adventures, it sure has been an interesting time for us!

Bjørn, Hans Jørgen, Ståle, Thomas, Per Kristian, Gordon, Gregers and Haq.

(Updated: 2020-07-22 with shut down date)