Log in with GitHub

Up until now we’ve been using the CONNECT ID login for the NB-IoT console. It’s worked fine for some of us but there have been a few drawbacks, particularly that you’ll need a phone to sign up and usually we use the same phone for work and home which again means you have to use the same account for both work and personal projects. For some of us they are pretty much the same but for others – not so much.

At times you also need a separate account for that particular project; getting a new phone number for an account isn’t something you want to do on a regular basis.

No account linking

Rather than having cleverness around account linking we’ve opted to keep the accounts separate. This might be annoying if you use both and have half of your projects in each account but you can easily share devices between accounts. Nothing is more annoying than auto-merging of accounts when you inadvertedly access the site while you’re logged in on an account in GitHub.

Changing from CONNECT ID to GitHub (and vice versa)

It’s fairly simple – if you are logged in via CONNECT ID, log out and click “Sign in with GitHub” on the login page and you should be logged in to the new account. If you want to use both CONNECT ID and GitHub read on. Log in

Sharing data between accounts

Here’s how you share devices and collections between your accounts. Start by creating a new team. Assign that team to the collections you want to share.

Assign team

All of the collections you want to share should be assigned to the team:


Generate an invite code while logged in to one of the accounts…

Generate invite

…and redeem the same code while logged in to the other account:


Set both members of the team to be admin so that you’ll be able to manage the collection from both accounts:


If you want to be logged in to both accounts at the same time the “incognito” mode is nice to use.

Will there be account linking some time in the future?

Maybe. We are creatures of habit so most of us will probably stick to a single account.

Managing access in GitHub

We need read access to your profile in GitHub and we cache the following from your account:

  • Login name
  • Email address
  • Avatar image

We check the access token roughly every hour and if you revoke access to the “NB-IoT Backend” application in GitHub your session will be removed. The next time you log in you have to confirm access on GitHub one more time.